Our Company

Deyi Clinical Diagnostic Institute was established in 1991, the first independent Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory in china. We got numerous achievements in researching, clinical trials, and clinical services for the past 26 years.

Main Services:
We are a comprehensive laboratory which provides a full range of clinical diagnostic services, including clinical tests, personal health management, laboratory developed tests and clinical researches. More than 2000 medical screening items we can provided, involved in fields of clinical biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, pathology, genetics. Deyi also launched a series of special researches for many kinds of diseases, including cooperated trials for diabetes ,cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, autoimmune diseases, and kinds of tumor, specially taking the charge of newborn diseases screening programs funded by the government researching funds. Deyi is a registered medical examination institute of Beijing Municipal Health Bureau certification, providing a mutual recognition report for all 3A level hospitals in Beijing, organized dozens of clinical research every year, providing services for the Central Health Bureau, the State Sports Commission, National certification the State Bureau of quality supervision, inspection, national CDC and other medical services for more than twenty years. We also participated in the formulation of "standards" of Beijing City medical and health services, established the screening inspection standards for early disease diagnosis. All these great achievements made us a famous brand of clinical diagnostic laboratory in China.

In 1994, cooperated with CDC in United States for the study of new hepatitis B virus detection methods, and jointly organized the first China –US hepatitis seminar; In 1997 Deyi company successfully held academic seminar and published the "Application of hepatitis detection technology", promoted the development of Chinese liver inflammation detection technology; In 2003, the project in cooperation with the Tiantan hospital, Institute of Microbiology, the American Severgi company, overcome the difficulties of disease treatment and prevention; in 2016, cooperated with some South Korea companies such as Tailai Jian Co. Ltd and Eone Co. Ltd, to promote the cooperation between China and Korea gene detection technology.

The licenses and certifications:
1. Third Party Independent Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory – 1991-Now
2. Comprehensive Clinic in Xicheng – 2002-Now
3. Business license of Medical apparatus and instruments