Panoramic Mornitoring Panel(Male Adults) P01C

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Panel Summary

In order to reflect your health status accurately,Please note the following items.:

1. 3 Days before tests,keep the normal diet,eat less fatty foods,do not drink alcohol and avoid strenuous exercise.

2. The tests start at 8 AM,Keep Fasting during the blood collection,the blood collection ends at 10:30 AM.

3. Any tests involving the blood collection and B ultrasound,do not ingest any foods after 8 PM the day before.

4. Foods ingestion is allowed When the blood collection, B ultrasound test and oral examination finished.

5. Take the drugs you used for diabetes, hypertension and heart disease patients.

6. Check the test list to make sure all the items are finished.

7. Return the test List to the information desk when finished.

8. The results will be send to you in 7-8 workdays, Please take your doctor's advice seriously, review or take further examination in time.

9. During the test, feel free to ask our staff for any questions.

Panel Summary
The Panoramic Mornitoring Panel will provide you a full-view data about your body, the more you know about your body, the better decisions you can make. The Panel includes a routine blood and urine tests, a complete biomedical detections, the protein electrophoresis for chronic disease monitoring, also contains the hormone system evaluations, a specific combo for hypertension, cancer biocofactor tests, and all kinds of physical checks. All the results will be nterpretated with the professional knowledge and feasible recommendation.

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